Jiu Jitsu School

Jiu Jitsu School

Jiu Jitsu (BJJ ) school are called ‘schools’ or ‘academies’ and not ‘gyms’ because they are in fact more in line with educational institutions and schools than with gymnasiums in the traditional sense.

Jiu Jitsu schools teach discipline, order and respect in an otherwise chaotic combat sports environment. For those uninitiated, Gracie Jiu Jitsu or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, is a martial art based around the premise that technique and leverage can overcome brute strength and aggression. Made famous by the Gracie family specially Helio Gracie who was a frail man who could not even do a pull up all through his life. He however understood the concept of technique and leverage and used that to fight a number of fighters from several martial arts and was able to prove the effectiveness of Jiu Jitsu whenever the fight went to the ground.

Another example of the Gracie family was the very first UFC event where the smallest fighter in an otherwise open weight tournament Royce Gracie, was able to strangle all of his opponents ; all of whom were from different martial arts and all of whom were physically much bigger and stronger than Royce.

Today Jiu Jitsu has evolved into 2 seperate forms- Gi (with the Kimono uniform) and Nogi (without the Kimono). In India Jiu Jitsu started in 2012 when Crosstrain Fight Club brought authentic Jiu Jitsu training in Delhi via head coach Siddharth singh who is currently India’s only competitive Brown Belt, and BJJ World Masters Silver Medalist.
Via Crosstrain Fight Club, Jiu Jitsu training is split into Gi, Nogi as well as BJJ for MMA. In MMA (mixed martial arts) the application of Jiu Jitsu is vital as can be seen at the UFC where most fighters are either Brown Belt or Black Belt. In India where fake martial arts is so prevalent, Crosstrain had proven its legitimacy by winning the prestigious ADCC team trophy 2 times (2019, 2020) as well as the Asian Team Trophy at the Dumao championship held in New Delhi. Even in MMA, fighters from Crosstrain have dominated promotions like Matrix fight night with the likes of Anshul Jubli and Punyajit Likharu.

At a Jiu Jitsu School like Crosstrain Fight Club, every student is taught the core principles of Jiu Jitsu that make kids bully proof and women- empowered via self defence. In a country like India, and city like Delhi where rape and kidnapping are so rampant, Jiu Jitsu is in essence the need of the hour for women and children. 

Crosstrain Fight Club has empowered over 5000 women and kids since our inception in 2012. 

Once you have trained at Crosstrain you will realise the camaraderie and respect that everyone has towards each other. We don’t have trainers, we have teachers and coaches who teach classes and seminars at Crosstrain unlike a gym where one goes, lifts weights and leaves. At Crosstrain, coaches ensure one learns the most effective techniques which would be useful in real life scenarios (like street fights). 

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