About Crosstrain

Crosstrain is a brainchild of Siddharth Singh, who is the first Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in India and a 14 Khan Grading, Silver Mongkol ‘Master’ in Muay Thai. Along with the above mentioned accolades Siddharth also has a very decorated track record as a professional fighter. He is India’s Highest Ranked Competitive Grappler, India’s only ADCC Taiwan and British BJJ Champion, Rank 4 in ACBJJ World Rankings and lastly 9 times Indian BJJ and Submission Grappling Champion.

The reason behind starting Crosstrain by Siddharth Singh was that he had seen the Mixed Martial Arts scene thrive in the U.K. and the U.S. and he genuinely believed if India had legitimate trainers to teach new age fighting systems like BJJ and Muay Thai, the same kind of fight scene can prosper in India.

Siddharth was always aware and cognizant of the fact that India is a land of warriors and that there is no dearth of fighters here. Alongside, Siddharth was also appalled by the women’s’ security issues in India, especially Delhi, so he wanted to play his part in the women’s empowerment movement in India by teaching them self-defense.

Since 2013, when Siddharth started to now, the Crosstrain Fight Team has grown in huge numbers with professional fighters like Gaurav Gulliya, Anshul Jubli and Punyajit Likharu to name a few have earned a number of accolades in the Indian and International fight scene under the guidance and mentorship of Siddharth Singh. Now Team Crosstrain is among the most successful fight teams in not only India but the whole of Asia.

How it all started?

The reason behind starting Crosstrain Fight Club was to develop and nurture local Indian fighters and to give them a platform to show their dedication and hard work and in term achieve big things in life.

Siddharth, within 5 years’ time managed to succeed in his endeavor of starting one of the best fight teams in Asia. At Crosstrain Siddharth who had experienced the fight scene in the West, realized that there is a huge potential in India where fighters are born in every village and town. He wanted to harness that potential and create a legitimate, modern and a dynamic fight scene in India keeping the traditional aspects of local Indian Combat Systems in mind.

Hence, observing that India already had a strong Grappling base thanks to the Akhada and Pehalvani Traditions of the past that continue even today

So, at Crosstrain, the idea was to help grapplers have a holistic stand up game and on the other hand give the strikers knowledge of ground fighting. Hence, Siddharth started Crosstrain where world class, internationally trained athletes come to teach Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Boxing and Muay-Thai.

Crosstrain specializes in Self-Defense and sports MMA programs that lead to a holistic development of fighters from Amateur to Professional Levels.

Along with the physical aspects of a fighter’s lifestyle, Crosstrain also has partnerships with professionals who help in doing a custom made scientific inquiry of the fighters through their bloodwork, physiotherapy, nutrition and rehab.