The Kickboxing Rush

Muay Thai classes in Delhi

So, now that it is clear what is Thai kickboxing (Muay Thai) and that CROSSTRAIN has multiple classes for members to benefit from them. The focus here is to highlight the benefits of kickboxing in you in your daily life.

First, to make you familiar with the basic but essential concept, kickboxing uses punches and kicks whereas Thai Kickboxing or Muay Thai involves fighting using your knees and elbows as well. It is a full body workout. This ups the personal challenge as far as fighter strategy is concerned, it enables you to use a lot more techniques as a combat sport, and it also brings the variety that makes the learning and fighting more fun.

CROSSTRAIN typically offers Muay Thai for you to enjoy your workout so you would feel challenged, enables an improvement in stamina and strength and above all, the burst of energy that you feel keeps you engaged in the exercise for a longer duration of time.

The training does not stop at just technique. When you are familiar with the kickboxing technique, you are able to create combinations for a fight. You move to the next level at CROSSTRAIN, which is sparring. Once you are comfortable in this space, you have the option to step into the ring for intra- club fight nights. Your adrenaline levels are always up at CROSSTRAIN. 

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