Pink Belt It Up, Ladies

Boxing classes in Delhi

CROSSTRAIN is happy to introduce a women only workshop!

There is a need to introduce basic self-defense techniques for every woman nowadays—not only has it been an aim of the fight club, there are also many inquiries about women only classes.

You have created the demand; CROSSTRAIN Fight Club is supplying a blend of Thai kickboxing and just enough Jiu Jitsu for a woman to feel confident and comfortable while walking the streets or driving around town.

So a 1- month program has been tailor- made to bridge the gap between the demand and the supply of basic fighter technique.

This workshop is easy for any lady to join—a beginner, a mom with no time to hit the gym or a student who wants a quick martial arts fix. Yes, it is open for all to join. It is one class a week for one month only. Founder and CEO of CROSSTRAIN, Siddharth Singh, will conduct the classes himself. He has been an ardent student for many years and is insistent on proving the merits of martial arts in every life.

And to sweeten the deal, you will have proof that you are trained in basic fighter training by being rewarded a PINK BELT. CROSSTRAIN takes presenting this reward very seriously!

 So sign up to protect your pretty little self!

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