MMA in Delhi

MMA in Delhi

MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts and is the worlds fastest growing sport. MMA started in India in Delhi in 2012 when Crosstrain Fight Club opened its doors and started teaching authentic MMA in Delhi.

Mixed martial arts, sometimes called ring fighting, ultimate fighting, no holds bar, and other names, is an aggressive full-contact sport based on gripping, striking and ground fighting and when you’re looking for MMA training in Delhi then Crosstrain Fight Club would be the best choice.

MMA was a new and contemporary sport where the obsolete Kimonos were no longer a necessity, instead it was a modern and aspirational sport with fancy board shorts and targeting a young demographic which had in the past alluded to the traditional Karate dojos.

There was only one problem with this. Karate instructors in Delhi knew nothing about MMA.  See Karate is a traditional martial art and the sport version of that martial art is the one that was taught in most karate dojos in Delhi.

So when MMA was incorporated in their schools, their instructors were completely out of place as they had never really done any full-contact fighting.

However this didn’t deter them from fooling young MMA aspirants by never really sparring with them, most sessions were simply push-ups and sit-ups till the students were either too bored or too exhausted to continue. 

When Crosstrain came to town under the leadership of Siddharth Singh, everything changed with MMA in Delhi. 

Crosstrain focussed on the actual disciplines that make up MMA i.e. Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu. Within a year Crosstrain and MMA in Delhi already had state-level MMA champions like Gaurav Gulliya, shortly thereafter Crosstrain started to dominate the MMA scene in Delhi with champions across weight categories in both amateur and professional MMA.

Crosstrain Fight Club was blessed to have some of the best MMA coaches in Delhi at the time. Now you need to understand that at the time, ‘MMA’ coaches didn’t exist as the sport was at its infancy in Delhi. So Crosstrain hired the best Boxing coach we could under Rajinder Singh Meena, we hired the best Muay Thai teacher under Raul Moktan from Nepal and J Raza for Jiu Jitsu.

MMA scene in Delhi never had so many high level coaches at one academy. Delhi MMA scene had been very different until then, Crosstrain changed the face of not just training but also at the way the competitors were teaching at their schools.

CFC which has been the most legitimate MMA academy in Delhi and India for a while now has International levels champions and we have medalled representing India, all over the world.

MMA in Delhi

Crosstrain Fight Club currently has centres across the Delhi NCR and North India and is the most successful Fitness Franchise for MMA. If you wish to join MMA in Delhi, do drop us a line and we will connect with you and help you get started in your MMA journey.

Benefits of MMA training

To start with, it’s a complete physical workout, unlike any other sport. Unlike boxing and other full-contact sports, you won’t have to do endless repetitions on the punching bag or have to wear heavy-duty gloves.

And the benefits of MMA include all the above mentioned benefits plus tons more. MMA, or mixed martial arts, includes all the rules of boxing like head and body alignment, leg work, submission holds, etc.

But if you think the benefits of MMA are limited to the basics like getting a stylish knockout, they’re wrong. There are various other benefits of MMA like stamina, speed, strength, agility, flexibility, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, mental abilities, etc.

But all these benefits are directly associated to the physical conditioning of the person. The MMA trainee will have the stamina and flexibility to last for several rounds whereas boxers will tire quickly, especially when attempting to take on a larger and stronger opponent.

Another benefit of enrolling for MMA or any other MMA exercise program is that you improve your self-defense skills. This is because street fighting is always dangerous and involves head-to-head contact.

Learning about MMA and enrolling in a class that training in this specific martial art can greatly help you develop a strong sense of self-discipline, making you a much better individual overall.

If you are a person who does not feel self-disciplined, chances are, you may fail in the areas of your life you want to achieve success. People who do not respect themselves often chase their losses and never achieve the success they crave.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of enrolling for MMA or any other form of self-defense training benefits is that you develop self-discipline. As we know, self-discipline is one of the most important prerequisites for success in any given area of life.

If you have been involved in a physical confrontation before without training your self-defense skills, you may not be as ready as an expert MMA fighter would be to deal with an attack.

In fact, you never know when another individual may come up and attack you with a physical disability or weapons at hand. In the event of such an occurrence, being well-trained in MMA will allow you to react accordingly and perhaps take down your attacker.

Membership fee for MMA training

MMA has one of the lowest costs per session as compared to other fitness programs. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get in shape.

In fact, you can easily get a great workout within a few months by enrolling in mixed martial arts classes at affordable costs. . This is mainly because there aren’t any extra fees such as monthly fees, membership fees and equipment rentals like in conventional gyms.

Moreover, you can get a one-on-one training session with our experienced trainer who has years of experience. He or she will not only assess your physical condition but also teach you all the latest martial arts techniques.

That’s sort of the reason why we are called Crosstrain Fight Club, because we Cross-train in separate martial arts.