Kickboxing in Delhi

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Kickboxing in Delhi

Are you looking for Kickboxing in Delhi? or thinking about which is the best academy for kickboxing near me?

Then we have the right answer and place for Kickboxing classes

Firstly, Let's talk about What is Kickboxing

Kickboxing is a sport that involves kicking, punching, and footwork, in a non-contact setting. The sport often incorporates other disciplines from other forms of martial arts, like karate, Judo, Muay Thai, wrestling, and mountie.

Secondly, Benefits of Kickboxing

1. Boost Confidence Level

Based on Dr. Rose Windale of, kickboxing makes it possible to release endorphins that will give your mood a boost and help you feel confident.

Endorphins will also cause you to feel happier and more positive for many hours following the workout.

2. Reduce Stress

You can kick and punch your way into some stress-free zone within moments of your high-energy kickboxing routine. The motions in kickboxing challenge many heart muscle groups and also will provide you an entire body workout, quickly.

3. Burns polysaturated Fat

Muscle and Fitness Magazine reports that fitness kickboxing can burn 800 calories an hour, and you’re going to be toning up your whole body as you rev up your metabolism.

It’s a high-fat cardio regimen that is fantastic for weight loss and getting you in shape, quickly.

4. Improved Coordination

If you are experiencing posture issues and have inadequate coordination, then you can reinforce your ‘heart’ and enhance your reflexes and communicating abilities.

The quick punches and kicks from the kickboxing routine will provide you an opportunity to concentrate your energy to do each motion successfully.

5. Ideal Cross-Traning Workout

If you have been pounding on the treadmill for many months and require a rest from your typical cardio regimen, Pilates is the best cross-training workout.

You are able to add a few weights by wearing wrist weights or ankle weights, or simply putting on a set of lightweight boxing gloves for additional resistance.

Only a couple of patterns weekly can help you break out of a fitness rut, quickly.

6. Energy Booster

Kickboxing is a high-energy cardio routine that will provide your body and brain an increase, and will raise your energy levels.

You are going to be breathing hard and sweating out toxins; this procedure will offer your energy levels per much-needed increase.

7. Better Posture

If you are hunched over a computer daily, kickboxing workouts will challenge several muscle bands which don’t get sufficient attention through the day, and you’re going to begin to grow your core.

Thirdly, Kickboxing in Delhi or kickboxing Near Me

At CROSSTRAIN, the members have access to one of the best Thai kickboxing classes in the country. Amongst all other martial arts forms at Crosstrain Fight Club.

Fees for Kickboxing Classes

Best kickboxing classes will never be cheap but yes, it’s affordable. The average cost for kickboxing classes $65 (INR4500 approx.)

How to reach Kickboxing classes near me?

To be the best you need to learn from the best. So here is link to reach the best kickboxing classes

Frequently Asked Question
What do you do in class? and What I need to wear?

Our Kickboxing classes offer a wide variety of aspects and our sessions offer a different workout every day. Generally they include run, jump a rope, streching, boxing drills, kicks, self-defense, semi-contact sparring and drills work of pad, shields and bag training. Just wear comfortable sport clothes and be prepared to have fun at the same time you are getting healthy.

Do I need to be fit to do Kickboxing?

Not necessarily, in fact a lot of people actually join Kickboxing to get fit! In parts, fitness does help but the Instructor know that everyone is different and always try to ensure students push themselves where they can in attempt to attain higher and better personal levels and goals.

Can I use Kickboxing for Self Defense?

Yes, Of course, you can protect yourself.

Are there people my age doing Kickboxing?

We have students as young as 13 years old up to 65 years training with us!

How many calories kickboxing class

If you are working hard then you will burn approx 350 to 400 calories per class.

how much does kickboxing cost

At Crosstrain Fight Club, we have quarterly and half-yearly saving plans. We charge 6999 per month for Kickboxing classes.

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